Friday, 31 December 2010

Things that made 2010 a wonderful year =)

*Shopping in BKK is definitely a happy thing to do*


*The Laopos* ;D

*Ms. I'm-not-naughty & Mr. I-Cute-Dao-Bao*

*Me & Baby*

*Tigger kiss Mandy*


*The Most Goddess PR you ever found XD *

*PHC & PHA Team*

*Dracula that helps a lot when aircond is not working XD *

* Pirate that never*

*missed how we work hard for Annual Dinner*


* No, you can't see me*

*My Birthday French Toast*

*Scandalous* puke~~~

*A BFF that is always BFF eventhough we don't see each other much*

*"Newly born" couple year 2010*

* Sweetest couple ever =) *

My Love-To-Death Pressie~

*The Most Headache People When It Comes To Weekly Meeting*


*Zun Zun hen mei ohhh*


*you are so tiny ;)*

My baby got a sexy back~ wuuhuuuu



I got 2 sok 4s, Don't ENVY me~!! i remember you got a ANGMO husband horrr

Potato so happieeeee

I always fancy this telephone booth

mama posing for her shoes

The CNY gang






I HEART your Mazda 6 lahhh XD

黑白兔和恩愛夫妻一枚 ;P


我是大Light Bulb一枚~!!

awww...they looked so happy :)

Happy Dining

It is happy to dine with a bunch of people =D


2nd visit to Library, when I still sucks in drinking ;P

This is how we started to get to know each other ;D

The price to pay when you wanna hit on a girl and ask for numbers XP

Birthday girl pengsan~~~~

We are so yellowish ;)


This is how we drink drank drunk (red wine bottles are not in this picture) gentle to me~

Robin Hoooottttt ;P

I missed Melacca and ice-cream ;P


We dance dance dance...bounce bounce bounce~~

Seducing ah onn?!

My Lebuhraya XD

Soul Mates =)

This is how Chrys killed Chloe XD

...and this is how CC killed Mandy

...and how Ray少 killed my baby

We don't care if he is gay...DAMN HANDSOME~~~!!! are everywhere~~~~

...and every corner....and i wanna slap you!

drink *wink*

ALERT!!! ALERT!!! love birds love birds!!!

Jordan, we knew you like it~! XD

Beloved McD gang

Shawn & Mei Mei's Wedding ;)

nom nom nom...

Count Down @ SOULed Out

We kissed 2010 goodbye~MUAHHHHHHH